Cowboys Find a Way to Lose…Again

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It’s almost mind numbing to think about how the Cowboys managed to lose this game to the Packers. It was over at halftime…or so most people thought. The Cowboys not only let by more than three touchdowns, 26-3, but statistically it wasn’t even that close. Dallas had 10 more first downs at halftime, 332 total yards to just 132 for the Pack, ¬†DeMarco Murray already had run for 93 yards at the intermission, Dez Bryant already went over 100 yards in receiving and Tony Terrific had passed for 250 yards. Sure the Cowboys could have, and should have turned at least a couple of their 4 first half field goals into touchdowns but who cared at the time. Up by 23 and holding the Packers to just a field goal, the kind of easy win the Cowboys had needed late in the season.jones

But if we haven’t learned it yet, it should forever be ingrained in people’s minds, the Cowboys are the Kardashians of the NFL–all glitter and absolutely no substance. This team couldn’t find a leader on the coaching staff or the locker room if you gave them a million dollars and a copy of Tony Robbins latest best-seller. No one inspires this team, makes them remember that this is the NFL and the other team isn’t quiting.

Green Bay outscored the Cowboys 34-10 in the second half. Seriously, how can that even happen? Even going into the 4th quarter, the Cowboys led 29-17. After Bryant caught a 5 yard touchdown, the Cowboys led 36-24 with less than 8 minutes to play. As poorly as the Cowboys had played in the second half, still a comfortable lead.

But, as only the Cowboys seem to be able to do, they couldn’t ice the game away. Murray was running wild on the Green Bay defense but as the game headed deep into the final quarter the Cowboys abandoned the run and holding on to a slippery 36-31 lead with just under 3 minutes to go, Romo was winging the ball around as if Dallas trailed. ¬†On a second and 6, Romo threw a horrible pass, that most high school quarterback would know not to throw, and the Packers picked it off near midfield. Eight plays later, Eddie Lacy scores and Green Bay leads for the first time 37-36.

There was still plenty of time for Romo and the offense to get in field goal range, which is all Dallas needed to win the game. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before—a couple dozen times–just 2 plays and seven seconds later, Romo throws another interception and game over. The 37-36 final was the third time this season that the Cowboys have lost a game by one point. With the total lack of backbone on this team, I imagine some of the players will take solace in that.


Dez Bryant leaves the field in frustration with over a minute to play

In his post-game comments, Jason Garrett was asked why Romo would throw on his first interception when A. the team needed to run time off the clock and B. DeMarco Murray was having a great game. The always boring and often times confusing Garrett said that the called play was a run but Tony Terrific changed the call into a pass. But Garrett explained it in such a mild manner that you almost thought he didn’t want to hurt his quarterbacks feelings by calling him out. Would Jimmy Johnson have worried about Romo’s feelings, Parcells, hell no. Romo should have been told to run the play called and don’t throw it for any reason. He’s proven that he isn’t capable of making critical decisions at crucial times. But Jason just soft-balls it and Romo doesn’t learn a thing.

At 7-7, as amazing as it seems, the Cowboys STILL hold their playoff dreams in their own hands. Win against the Redskins and then the Eagles and they win the East. Here’s $100 that Romo or Garrett or any of 15 guys on defense, will make sure that dream is never realized.


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