Who Wins the Heisman…A Huge Surprise

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lynchsizedThis is a tough year to figure out who wins the Heisman trophy. It’s not like no one wants to win the thing. In my very humble opinion, the Heisman trophy is the best award to win in this country. Okay maybe the Congressional Medal of Honor, or a Purple Heart are kind of significant, but they don’t make commercials about those guys. The Heisman is kind of like being POTUS…there are less then 50 of them in our history, and I might put the Heisman ahead of the Prez.

The odds on favorite right now is Jameis Winston of Florida State, with one SLIGHT problem, his pending sexual assault charge. Now I’m the first person to say that the legal system is messed up, we protect the “alleged victim” and her name, but we throw the “alleged offender” under the bus…and then back up over him. What if she’s making the whole thing up? Doesn’t matter, Winston has been labeled and he has without question lost some Heisman votes. Since he’s only a red-shirt freshman voters might say, they’ll pass on voting for him this year and wait until things clear up.

He is the quarterback for the undefeated and number one ranked team…with very impressive stats…3,490 yards passing, 35 touchdowns, eight picks and three more touchdowns running.  Being with a top team matters and has for the last 25 years in this race.

AJ McCarron had some interest simply because he is the QB for a team on the verge of winning three straight national titles. Very good numbers but not mind-blowing…and now his Crimson Tide won’t win it all this year. He isn’t, by anyone outside of Tuscaloosa, the best player in college football.

Johnny football has big numbers again this season, but his interceptions are up and he’s had two bad games in a row. That is death in a Heisman race. You don’t get a week off  in college football if you’re trying to win the most prestigious award in the nation. Sorry Johnny. Andre Williams has the numbers to win but he’s late to the dance. With 2,102 yards he ranks 9th all-time in single season rushing But he was injured in his last game against Syracuse and rushed for just 29 yards on 9 carries. Great year but who follows Boston College since that Flutie guy left?


Lynch is setting records weekly for the Huskies

That leaves Jordan Lynch of Northern Illinois. Yes Jordan Lynch is my Heisman Trophy pick. From NIU, a team that has little reputation but on its way to a second straight BCS bowl game…that’s big time. Lynch set the all-time major college record for rushing for a quarterback ….twice in the past 4 weeks. He ran for 321 against Western Michigan last week. He’s run for more than 20 TD’s and passed for more than 20 this season…the other quarterbacks to do that…Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel and Collin Kaepernick. All but Kaepernick won the Heisman. the Huskies are undefeated this season and Lynch is the reason, if the push back on Winston is strong enough, Lynch is the next best choice, which means, in my opinion, he walks off the stage with the trophy.

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