The Best College Rivalries


fightThe best of college football was in full swing the past few days with OT thrillers, on the field fights, last second victories and losses, and huge national title implications hanging in the balance. We look forward to Rivalry Weekend at the end of each season and this year it certainly lived up to all the hype and billing. With the games still fresh in our minds, here’s a look at our top 10 rivalries:

10) UCLA vs. USC

Proximity drives this annual feud as the campuses are only 12 miles apart
Originated: 1929
Meetings: 81images
Series Leader: USC 44-30-7

9) Yale vs. Harvard

The oldest of the college football rivalries
Originated: 1890
Meetings: 130
Series Leader: Yale 65-57-8

6) Alabama vs. LSU

Nick Saban having won National Titles at both schools turns the heat up just a bit more
Originated: 1895
Meetings: 78
Series Leader: Alabama 48-25-5

7) Clemson vs. South Carolina

Known as the Palmetto Bowl, its the longest uninterrupted series in the South
Originated: 1896
Meetings: 110
Series Leader: Clemson 65-42-4

6) Notre Dame vs. USC

Each school has produced 11 National Titles and 7 Heisman winners
Originated: 1926
Meetings: 85
Series Leader: USC 45-35-5imagbma

5) Army vs. Navy

The game where instant replay first appeared
Originated: 1890
Meetings: 113
Series Leader: Navy 57-49-7

4) Florida vs. Georgia

The World’s largest outdoor cocktail party
Originated: 1915
Meetings: 92
Series Leader: Georgia 50-40-2texas-okla

3) Oklahoma vs. Texas

The uniqueness of playing in the middle of the State Fair of Texas makes this is a scene like no other
Originated: 1900
Meetings: 108
Series Leader: Texas 60-43-5

2) Alabama vs. Auburn

Tagged the “Iron Bowl” in 1980 as the game at that time was annually played in the steel making city of Birmingham
Originated: 1893
Meetings: 78
Series Leader: Alabama 42-35-1

1) Ohio State vs. Michigan

Simply known by fans as “The Game” in Big 10 country
Originated: 1897
Meetings: 110
Series Leader: Michigan 58-45-6

Great rivalries no longer around (and we miss them): Oklahoma vs. Nebraska, Texas vs. Texas A&M