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This is a wonderful time of year, and not just for us football junkies. The month from Thanksgiving to Christmas gives us time to reflect on good times. Even if we have little, to live in America is enough to make us thankful. We see all of the wars and riots and killing around the world, and we can (usually) go to bed at night and know we are safe. Most of the rest of the world would give anything just to have that peace of mind that we take for granted.

Jeff Gibson iphone 7-24-13 010Chris Kyle is one of the reasons that we sleep well at night. Kyle is the former special ops Marine who served several tours in Afganistan and the Middle East, is credited with the most “kills” by a U.S. sniper, wrote the best seller American Sniper, and was then tragically killed back in February, by a friend who he was trying to help overcome post-traumatic shock.

I saw Kyle speak back in 2012 and after hearing him talk of his passion for his country, his fellow soldiers and his family, you just had the feeling that about a dozen guys like him could take on the world…and kick its ass. There’s a movie about Kyle in the making, starring Bradley Cooper.

After Kyle’s senseless murder in Midlothian, something stirred inside of Marty Logan. Logan is a world-class drag boat racer, who never knew Kyle but when he realized that Kyle had left behind a wife and 2 young children, he wanted to help but what could one man do? Logan decided to donate all of his speed boad winnings in 2013 to Taya Kyle and her family. That is no small thing since Logan is a 6-time world champion who wins often and although drag boat racers don’t earn NASCAR prize money, Logan could certainly use his winnings to feed his own family.  It wasn’t his own family that Logan was thinking about. He could take care of them AND help the Kyle’s, how many of us think that way? But just his winnings weren’t enough. Logan also dedicated all of his earnings from merchandise sales, sponsorships, lemon aid stand sales and just about anything else he could think of. Kyle had sacrificed so much for his country that Logan felt he couldn’t just fade away and leave a family to put the pieces back together.

Jeff Iphone 8-3-13 058As of today Logan has raised just over $93,000 for the Kyle’s but he promised Taya he would give them at least $100,000,  so he’s holding charity events to get to 6 figures. Anyone can help out with any size donation at martylogan.com and in our own, small way, we can say thank you to Chris Kyle and all of the other veterans who help us to sleep safe at night. At a time of year when we should be thankful, at the very least, for our freedom, Chris Kyle and his family should be in our thoughts and prayers. And Marty Logan, well he may not have served as Kyle did, but I’d take a dozen of him any day as well.

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