Cowboys Win Showdown with Giants

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romosizedThis is a game with two viewpoints. First let’s put aside the final score, Cowboys win 24-21.  There is still something about Tony Romo that screams–“NOT ELITE!” In the first half of Sunday’s game with the Giants, The Cowboys had several opportunities to take advantage of a very average Giants team. Eli wasn’t sharp, the New York defense wasn’t dominating and yet the Cowboys only led 14-6 at the intermission. This is the kind of game where, if Romo were the field general that Jerry thinks he is, the Cowboys would have been up at least 21-6, if not more. When they held the Giants on downs with just under two minutes in the half, Romo should have gotten points on the drive. Instead he misses some passes and they punt the ball. But Romo IS NOT that elite quarterback. He will manage things, maintain the situation but not pour it on like–Drew Brees.

That’s what Brees did two weeks earlier when the Saints smelled blood against Dallas and the Saints quarterback put his foot on the Cowboys’ throats and never let up. Romo did his usual, casual stuff and walked off the field with that dumb look on his face. If  Cowboys safety Jeff Heath hadn’t caught a Giants fumble in mid-air and returned it 50 yards for a touchdown in the first quarter, the Cowboys lead would likely have been 7-3 at the intermission…and the Giants would be right there in the game.

Romo doesn’t possess that killer instinct to bury a team when you have the chance. The casual observer could see that Eli and the Giants didn’t have their “A” game Sunday afternoon; why couldn’t Romo? Or Jason Garrett, to send the message, “they’re weak and we can take advantage of them right now!” It explains why the Cowboys are .500 and have been for so long. I say all of this “negative” stuff because it just seems to scream out almost every week–or at least every other week.

Having ripped on Romo and what he “hasn’t done,” the Cowboys defense needs a swift kick in the pants as well. Bruce Carter needs to be cut. Not next week, not Wednesday but literally on the plane ride home from New York. Not only can’t he cover anyone in pass coverage, but it is inexcusable to let a guy catch a ball on 4th down and then just stand there–without even touching him–let him get up and run into the end zone for a touchdown. Cut his ass now!! If Jason Garrett is going to be about accountability (which he says he is) then make Carter accountable for not doing his job and then loafing after he doesn’t do his job. Hell, even Jimmy Johnson did a skit on the Fox pre-game show with Terry Bradshaw, where he made fun of the Cowboys reputation of over-paying their players and not holding them accountable.

Now the good stuff.  After not moving the ball and giving Manning a chance to tie the game late, Romo did a wonderful job of sustaining a long, time-killing drive to set the Cowboys up for the winning field goal as time ran out. Props to Miles Austin and Cole Beasley for coming up with clutch catches to keep the last-second drive alive.


DeMarco Murrray had 14 carries against Giants

DeMarco Murray had a good game (14 carries for 86 yards) and Lance Dunbar continues to prove that he is worth getting the ball to with a 6.7 yards-per-carry average. The Cowboys are again in first place, tied with the Eagles, but they are a perfect 4-0 within their division. That can come in handy during any tie-breakers. If Dallas can handle Oakland at home on Thanksgiving, as they should, they will head into the final four games with a 7-5 record. That may not be great but it’s right in the playoff mix and when all the bitching is done…that’s what really matters.

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  1. I agree with some of what you say, but cutting Bruce Carter is in no way going to make this team better. Yes, he may be having a poor year after what we saw last year before he got injured, but he was a second round pick only three years ago. He has the natural talent and ability to become a solid starting linebacker in the NFL. He has already shown that he at least has potential.

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