ScoreBoard’s Top Ten College Football Uniforms

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Blue-sizedWe at Scoreboard don’t necessarily pride ourselves on our fashion sense, but we do know what looks good when it comes to sports. We also tip our symbolic caps to teams and programs that find something that works and stick with it – i.e. the Red Sox, Packers, and Black Hawks (sorry Oregon, Baylor and TCU and your ever changing uniforms you’re not going to make our list). With that in mind here’s a look at what we consider to be the best of the best in college football uniforms:

lat-jones-la0004697217-2010110610) UCLA – When you see the powder blue and gold you know it’s the Bruins.  Script UCLA on the helmet is the crowing touch.pennstate30203

9) Penn State – Classic, simple, understated. It works for Linebacker U.

8) Auburn – The navy, orange and blue combination works well on all three elements of the Tigers’ uniforms – jerseys, helmets and pants.

93287795_crop_650x4407) Florida – Our favorite combination is the blue jersey with white pants, but the all blue works too.

6) USC- Great color combination that just makes you think “Heisman.” We like their cheerleaders look too……

5) Alabama – Clean and simple, with only the player’s number and a white stripe on the crimson helmet.130107081957-notre-dame-p1-single-image-cut

4) Notre Dame – The gold helmets (painted weekly) and pants with navy blue jerseys are our favorites, but the green jersey is sharp as well when they go that route.130507182752-ohio-state-top1-single-image-cut

3) Ohio State – Scarlett and grey are terrific colors, but its the buckeye leafs that adorn the helmets (given out for great plays) that push the Buckeyes into our top three.

rgz_UT_IOWA_STATE_262) Texas – A timeless look, white and burnt orange and the most recognizable logo in collegiate sports.

1) Michigan – When you see the striped maize and blue helmets of the Wolverines there’s no doubt who you’re watching.

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