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staritsized“Hey Marty, wanna try writing for us?” (anonymous ScoreBoard editor). I replied “Of course, I’m ready!” Although my real first thought really was, I hate proof reading….. I hope Tom fixes it. Well here is my first offering:

When we all set our clocks back recently, we gained a very precious hour. Since we live in the ‘I want my news now’ world, and thanks to smart phones, social media, and evaporating conversational skills, our need (and demand) to know it NOW, got me thinking. Some of my recent inbox of current real time news falls under the category of “it’s about time” news. Some current happenings should have been in the news long ago, and not being discussed in current water cooler conversations. (wait, does that happen anymore?)

George Strait, CMA’s 2013 Entertainer of the Year? I believe this was in the newspaper once or twice before (anonymous editor note: It as his third but first since 1990). I immediately check my iPhone settings. What year is it? I even checked the spelling of the name, a different linear George perhaps? Nope, the timeless megastar has risen again, proving the music is the most important component in the industry. Kudos to the CMA’s for getting it right, and taking us fans back in time.

A very unique and not complete yet story about the Miami Dolphins’ Richie Incognito hazing and bullying 2nd year teammate Jonathon Martin has left many pen pugilists to take opinions to new heights. I personally love that the spot light is getting aimed at bullying, not for the NFL per say, but for the health of our schools instead. bills-dolphins-footballsizeIf it can demoralize a grown man playing professional football, can you imagine what it does to a middle school kid? Parents, teachers and policy makers take note and help expedite mandates toward the elimination of bullying in schools. Sorry I won’t be telling any hazing stories today folks.

Speaking of bullying…. lobbyists and giant food manufactures beware! Good job FDA finally taking a first step toward stopping the production of trans fats this week, saying partially hydrogenated oils are no longer “generally recognized” as safe. So the idea of making foods last longer and taste better with a chemical process is a bad idea? Well, what’s next, eliminating petroleum based chemicals that allow food dyes to stick to drinks and cereals? Lets hope that doesn’t take as long. When talking about health and our bodies, the phrase ‘its never too late’ just doesn’t seem to make any sense. FDA, keep moving and eliminating. Our growing children are in a fight for their long term health and “later” just doesn’t cut it.

Mike Tyson came up a young pup, quickly crushing foes on his way to championship belts. His rise and fall were astonishing and very well documented. box_a_tyson_kh_576
We love champions, and we all couldn’t get enough of his saga (unless you were still thumb sucking age). He was so entertaining in the ring, most men didn’t care what he did outside of it. This week I noticed he wrote a book, although that’s not literally true I suspect. Some excerpts sound like comments from his sessions on a psychiatrist’s couch, which we hope would be protected by doctor-patient confidentially, for all concerned. I suggest you don’t Google it. His book should have come out a long time ago or not at all. Some stories are best left unwritten, and certainly not told by a ghostwriter.

Having grown up on the shores of the Great Lakes, fresh water will always be on my mind. Learning quickly years ago Texas only had one significant natural lake (Lake Caddo), I figured water would be an issue here. Exclude the main H2O user in the state, (oil/gas sector), and you’d figure something was in the pipeline of getting fixed. Proposition 6 was recently approved. It merely recognizes a water problem, and offers a way to get money to fix it. That should have been done long before. The money should be used to research how we can save water, recycle it, and clean it. Easy for a non-voting foreigner to say that who chose the great state of Texas as home!

Lastly, I read Terry Bradshaw said he was not feeling great and that he is paying a price for a long career playing a tough sport. No way! Its not often we hear well-decorated former players sizeterrystill making a living in the sports highly lucrative industry speak out. Good for him. Education is key and stopping heads shots is imperative. Teaching kids proper tackling in football and body checking in hockey is a must. The future of those sports, I believe, is incumbent on the health of its constituents’ lives. I hope a HOF, highly regarded analyst can help make some further headway.

Well that was fun, and over due. Not quite over due like the Texas man that went to jail for his over due library book recently. Hello Kindle. I wonder what some people are gonna do come spring time when we lose an hour? #panic. Oh, can’t wait to open twitter tomorrow and find out what’s new… Stanford beats Oregon again. Stars 3-0 on their road trip, the twitter IPO at $26. Now I wasn’t ready for that tweet…

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One of the best goaltenders in the NHL during the 2000’s, Marty Turco was a model of consistency during his career while developing an impeccable reputation as a role model off the ice. Turco holds several Dallas Stars’ all-time goaltender records, including wins (262), shutouts (40), games (509) and saves (11,420). The Sault St. Marie native set a then modern NHL record for goals-against-average in the 2002-03 season at 1.72. Turco also played for the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins in his career, retiring as a player in 2012. Turco also had a stellar college career at the University of Michigan including 2 NCAA Championships and the record for most NCAA wins with 127, which still stands today. Turco and his family returned to Dallas in 2012 and the former net-minder rejoined the Stars as a television broadcaster. He recently created the Marty Turco Foundation, focused on helping children’s charities.


  1. Marty Turco has been hands down the best professional athlete to meet in person. I haven’t met many in my lifetime of 39 years but I would have to say close to 15. Marty has a humble yet out going nature when meeting him. Even though he doesn’t know me from atom I will always remember the opportunities I’ve had to small talk with such an intelligent, dedicated, and warmed hearted athlete.

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