Halfway Home for the NFL

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daltonsizedBe honest, none of us are surprised that the Cowboys are 4-4 at the halfway point of the season. After all they are the epitome of the .500 team.  You get the feeling that if Jason Garrett coached this team for the next 10 years, their combined record would be 80-80. But what about the rest of the league this season?  The halfway point is a good time to evaluate where everyone is.  The Cowboys may be a very average 4-4 at this point but th to an ever-weakening NFC East, they are alone in first place. That’s right, even at 4-4 the Cowboys aren’t even tied for first, they own it. The Eagles were supposed to be an offensive juggernaut but they’ve managed just 10 points in the past two weeks. Should the Cowboys be worried about the Giants? After losing their first 6 games to open the season, New York has won 2 straight. That means that at 2-6, they trail the Cowboys by just 2 games. The Giants are known as a second half team so…watch out, objects in your rear view mirror may be closer than they appear!

The Saints aren’t surprising anyone unless you thought last year was the true Saints team.
With Sean Payton back in charge and Drew Bree’s doing what he does, it doesn’t seem like anyone in the NFC May be able to hang with New Orleans. Atlanta lost again on Sunday and fell to 2-5…that’s a shock to many “experts” who had the Falcons playing in the Super Bowl. Both the Seahawks and Niners will be in the playoffs and will fight each other to the end to win the West. A scary thought is that Arizona has the same record as the Cowboys, 4-4, and are a complete after-thought in the West. The Cowboys would be too if they were in any other division. The Packers are the class of the NFC North, but don’t have the defense for a playoff run.

In the AFC, New England continues to find ways to win, coming back from down 17-3 at halftime to beat the Dolphins. The combination of Belichick and Brady means the Pats are always in the conversation about New York in February. The Bengals and former TCU star Andy Dalton, are at 6-2 halfway through the season. They may be unheralded but Cincy is for real and will scare everyone come December. The Colts have talent and are sitting pretty in the AFC South but they are still 1 year away from having the maturity when playoff time comes around. The Texans are right there with Atlanta as the biggest disappointments in the league and will need a miracle to be playing in January. The AFC West has two top teams and a mystery. The Chiefs have everyone scratching their heads with a perfect 8-0 start to the season. Any question who wins Coach of the Year honors?

Peyton-Manning-2Peyton Manning could win another MVP award (his 5th) and no one wants to play the Broncos in the playoffs but as the Cowboys demonstrated, they can be beaten if you can out score their shoddy defense. When the season comes to an end I expect to see New Orleans playing Denver in the Super Bowl…unless of course it’s  the Patriots meeting the Seahawks or the Bengals taking on the Niners. Unfortunately, I don’t see the Cowboys in any scenario, other than picking in the middle of the first round…again.

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