Dez in Need of a Timeout


Wow what a meltdown yesterday in that Cowboys game. No not the defensive meltdown that allowed Matthew Stafford to march down the field and score the winning touchdown with 12 seconds to play in the game. That was merely secondary to the meltdown that occurred throughout the game by Dez Bryant. In what can only be described as an all–out, child-like tantrum that would put a 2-year-old to shame, Bryant put on a show for all the nation to witness. His screaming and ranting at Wade Wilson, Jason Garrett, Tony Romo and anyone else who happened to be in his way can only be described as an embarrassment to Jerry Jones and anyone else associated with the franchise (Cowboys fans included).

50778As the game wound down and the Lions were lining up to kick the go ahead extra point, Jason Witten seemed to have reached his breaking point (as many will do with a spoiled rotten child), getting back in Bryant’s face. Demarcus Ware in his street clothes, then intervened and seemed to calm Bryant down as Witten walked away before things got any worse. I appreciate that Witten showed the type of leadership we expect from someone of his stature with the team, but should it really fall on him to be the heavy? Shouldn’t that be the head coaches’ job? While Garrett was turning a deaf ear on the nonsense that was happening all around him, I found it hard to imagine a Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson or Bill Parcells allowing that type of disorder to occur on the sidelines.

Since it doesn’t look like Garrett has the huevos (or the authority) to put Dez in his place – being in street clothes for the next game with less cash in his bank account– it falls into the hands of owner Jerry Jones to do the right thing. Do I think it will happen? Extremely doubtful. If we’ve learned anything through the years with Jerry running the show at Valley Ranch, is that players have free realm when it comes to behavior – as long as they are productive on the field, which Dez most certainly is. Maybe Jones the GM will do the right thing.