Shallow Thoughts From a Sports Weekend

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So many games to watch, so little time.  But we do our best to take in as many as we can, either in person or on the tube  (thank the Lord for DVRs) – with that said here’s a few thoughts from this weekend:
New Orleans Saints v New England Patriots

With New England’s least second touchdown against his Saints defense yesterday notwithstanding, anyone else think Rob Ryan was the ultimate scapegoat for last season’s disappointing season?  Sure seems he’s remembered how to coach defense again.  The Saints turnaround on D has been remarkable.

Speaking of New England, did half their fans really leave the game in Foxsboro yesterday with 2 and half minutes to go and Tom Brady under center?  In case you missed it Brady connected with rookie receiver Kenbrell Thompkins for a TD with no time left on the clock for a 30-27 victory over previously unbeaten New Orleans.

DeMarco Murray looks to be injured again.  Its a shame but cant say I didn’t expect it at some point during the season.

Anyone out there have the Kansas City Chiefs at 6-0 before the season began?  Really? No, I don’t believe you.  Only Denver and KC remain as undefeated and the division rivals will square off for the first of two meetings on Nov. 17 in Denver.

I don’t understand why the Cowboys are thought of as an inconsistent team.  Win one, lose one, win one, lose one, win one….seems like the model of consistency to me.

If you’re not watching the MLB playoffs because your Rangers didn’t make it, your missing out on some incredible theater, including former Ranger Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s walk-off single in the bottom of the 9th last night to give the Red Sox a stirring 6-5 victory over Detroit to tie the series a game a piece.

How much leash do the Mack Brown haters give him now?  I’d say only until his very next loss.  Great week to have a bye for the Longhorns and Mack.



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