Shallow Thoughts from a Sports Weekend


So many games to watch, so little time.  But we do our best to take in as many as we can, either in person or on the tube  (thank the Lord for DVRs) – with that said here’s a few thoughts from this weekend:



Only Tony Romo could set a franchise record for yards thrown, play the best game of his career, and still end up as the goat.


I’m all in favor of creating awareness for breast cancer (although if you aren’t aware please raise your hand, I want to meet the one person who isn’t…Coca-Cola should have such a talented marketing department), but pink flags being used by NFL officials when players are already wearing pink shoes, gloves, shoe laces, towels, etc….just isn’t a good idea.  Surprised I had to tell you that NFL.


Not a huge fan of Johnny Manziel the person, but college football is more fun on weekends when Johnny Football is playing.


I think Jerry needs to have his air filters changed at AT&T Stadium….it looked like the stadium was invaded by moths at times there was so many particles floating through the air.


The Cowboys and Broncos should play every week – that was fun to watch.


After playing three opponent of “suspect” quality to start the season, the Baylor Bears have finally played a real football team in West Virginia this past Saturday, and they actually upped their scoring average from to 69.6 to 70.5 points per game.  This just in…Baylor can score points.  


Anyone besides me notice that Michael Young is still playing baseball in October?  (2 at bats in the playoffs with a hit and a strike out for the Dodgers)


Great game in Evanston Saturday night between Northwestern and Ohio State.  Hard to put a finger on it but even in a close back and forth game I knew the Buckeyes would prevail – that whole David and Goliath thing just doesn’t happen very often.


Congrats to the US Presidents Cup team for another victory over the International squad.  Anyone surprised that Tiger Woods gained the clinching point to seal the victory once again? Third time in a row he’s done so.


Why haven’t any of the big market baseball clubs gone after Billy Beane?  What that guy manages year in and year out on a shoe-string budget is nothing short of miraculous.


Prediction for OU vs. Texas this Saturday.  Sooners win by 4 touchdowns and Mack Brown’s time as Longhorn’s head man is finally up.