NFL Overview, Broncos, Chiefs and Saints

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And then there were three. You could have made a nice little profit in Vegas if you had predicted that both Kansas City and New Orleans would be undefeated a third of the way through the season. Denver, sure that isn’t such a shocker, most everyone knew that coming off a 12 win season last year and with the addition of Wes Welker, The Broncos would get off to a fast start.

But the Chiefs and Saints won a total of 9 games last year, so foreseeing them each going 5-0 would have taken a pretty big set of crystal balls. With Sean Payton on the sideline last year–or rather off the sideline and sitting in his living room–the Saints gave up more yards than any team in NFL history. Now former Cowboys defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan has them ranked in the top 5 in the league. The Saints have to be one of the biggest surprises so far this season.

The only other real surprise winner is the Cleveland Browns, they’re only 3-2 but that’s good enough to be tied for first in the AFC North and considering that when they traded starting running back Trent Richardson  to the Colts everyone thought that signaled they had thrown in the 2013 towel. Somehow they’ve managed to win three straight and who knows, they just might made some noise come playoff time.

On the down side, I didn’t expect the Steelers to be this horrible, bad yes but not anemic. The same goes for the 0-5 Giants who haven’t lost their first 5 games since the 1979 season–that’s 34 seasons ago. With Adrian Peterson in your backfield, one would expect the Vikings to have more than one win so far, but teams have figured out that Minnesota can’t throw the ball at all so 10 of the 11 players on defense just concentrate on A.P. and so far it’s stopping the Vikings dead.

Finally, the NFC East is wide open thanks to the Cowboys not finishing up their business. At 2-3 the Boys are tied with the Eagles for first place but with just a bit of luck, not to mention better/smarter play late in games, the Cowboys should have beaten either the Chiefs, Chargers or Broncos. Maybe even all three. That would have given Dallas some real cushion in the division but as it is, even with winless Giants are only a couple of games back. Right now the class of the league are the Payton’s…or Peyton’s.  The NFC is the Saints–Jerry has to hate that he let Sean out of his grasp–and the Broncos and Manning don’t seem to be stoppable in the AFC. When you can give up 48 points, 500 yards passing, three 100 yard receivers and still win, there some kind of magic in this season in Peytonland. Come to think of it, Manning was a free agent 2 years ago, Jerry could have had him AND Sean. Something to think about

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