Reverse Barometer: College Football

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There are plenty of big tilts this Saturday, and of course the Reverse Barometer is here to give you the wrong advice. Read below with caution, and certainly think twice before following my lead at the sports book. I’m not always wrong, but when I am, it’s usually with my sports calls.

Oklahoma (-14) at Texas Tech

No one seems to be talking about it, but the atmosphere in Lubbock should be quite jacked up for the return of quarterback Baker Mayfield. The problem is – he might be jacked up more than anyone. Mayfield thrives in situations like this. Combine that with one of the worst Tech teams in the last 10 seasons and you have quite the mess in West Texas on your hands. This one gets out of hand early and Mayfield has one of his best career days. … Read More »

What Now For the Big 12 and College Football?

Fast forward to the year 2024. The 8-team College Football Playoff is about to commence with the winners of the 4 Super Conferences and their wild card teams squaring off against each other in the quest to hoist the coveted Dr Pepper Championship Trophy. Tom Herman will lead his Pac 12 champion Texas Longhorns against Bob Stoops and his SEC wild card Oklahoma Sooners in the first matchup on Saturday of what is now known as “Big Game Weekend.” Lane Kiffin and his SEC champion Crimson Tide will kick off the Sunday games with a battle against the Big 10 wild card Fighting Irish. Sound far fetched? Believe me it isn’t, in large part thanks to the Big 12’s announcement Monday that the most dysfunctional conference in the land will stand pat at ten teams and forgo any foreseeable expansion.

In … Read More »

Prescott Roll Continues

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GREEN BAY – Traditions. Superstitions. Jinxes. I’d been meaning to ask Dak Prescott about his love for the bow tie for weeks, and finally got around to it as the rookie QB prepared for his 4-1 Cowboys to play at Green Bay.

“No, it’s not a superstition,” Dak said, noting that he started the fashion statement in his junior year at Mississippi State when Starkville clothier George Sherman gave him his first bow tie. “It was my first time wearing it and we won,” Prescott said. “I guess you could say George was more superstitious because he made me buy another one the next time. And then the bow tie kind of became my thing.”

And now Dak has a new habit; winning at the NFL level, as he helped record a 30-16 win at Green Bay on Sunday to push Dallas … Read More »

Gators Heading to Baton Rouge Makes No Sense

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Really, SEC? You’re going to just let the inmates run the asylum?

That’s what I see when it was announced on Thursday that the LSU at Florida game would be made up on Nov. 19, reluctantly by LSU. And somehow AT LSU.

Huh? At least Florida negotiated. LSU basically gave Greg Sankey the Heisman on any possibility of playing the game at Florida, of which the contest was originally scheduled.

Sure, that makes sense.

Florida now loses a home game and LSU gains one. Yep, that’s fair. Never mind that everyone in the SEC gets four games at home and four on the road in the final standings. Nah – let LSU have their way.

By the way, LSU, very short-sighted on your part. Next year, you get to play five SEC games on the road (since Florida gets paid back), and they’re just trips … Read More »

Math Sucks

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Damnit they told me there would be no math in this job. So when the Bill James Pythagorean Theorem was brought to my attention I scoffed. In part because I had enough trouble with the work of ole’ Pythagoras in geometry class and in part because I did not want to believe that the theory could be applied to a Rangers team that was having so much fun and winning so many games.

It is actually a hybrid of the Pythagorean Theorem which asserts that runs scored vs runs allowed is a better indicator of a team’s future performance than actual winning percentage. This results in a formula which is referred to as the Pythagorean Winning Percentage.

Call me old school, oh hell call me old if you want, but I don’t want all the numbers and the analytics to be right. … Read More »

Hello 4-1

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ARLINGTON – There are certain narratives that can serve as a comfortable groove. For instance, follow the groove and it all works out, the way rookie Ezekiel Elliott on Sunday followed the ballyhooed “best O-line in football’’ and powered past the visiting Bengals, 28-14, for 134 yards and two TDs.

That’s an easy narrative. Grooved.

There are other narratives that don’t propel you into a groove, but rather, shove you into a gutter. Those narratives, for this shockingly good 4-1 Cowboys team, include all the things they aren’t supposed to be able to do without the injured Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, and all the things this defense — from the beleaguered Morris Claiborne on down — wasn’t supposed to be able to do, healthy or not.

The Bengals are, on paper, a quality team … better than this Dez/Romo-less Cowboys bunch. On … Read More »

It’s a Special Weekend In Dallas

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It is a rite of autumn and truly one of the great things about living in DFW. The Texas-Oklahoma game at the Cotton Bowl (Yes, Texas name goes first because they won last year).

There’s nothing like the scene around the State Fair of Texas. The fans yelling Texas Fight or Boomer Sooner. Nothing like the scene inside the Cotton Bowl with the south end populated by OU fans and the north end by Texas, with the 50-yard line being the dividing line. Nothing like that moment when the teams run through the tunnel before kickoff, and you think of how many great players, coaches and teams have done just that. If you love college football, your hair is standing up right now just thinking about it. If you don’t love college football and get to experience that moment you WILL … Read More »