Mavs Playoff Preview

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First, the good news: the Dallas Mavericks are returning to the playoffs after a one-year hiatus, marking this the 13th time in 14 years Dirk and the Mavs have qualified for post season play. Now the bad news: after a loss to Memphis Wednesday, Dallas dropped to the eighth seed and now has to head to San Antonio to face the ageless dynasty that is the Spurs.

Both franchises are finding themselves in an unprecedented era of success. In fact, over the past 10 years, the Spurs and the Mavs are number one and two in overall NBA win percentage. This series will be the 6th post season meeting for the two franchises with San Antonio taking 3 of the last 5 (most recently in 2010).

Do the Mavericks have a chance to pull off the upset? No, almost certainly not. But … Read More »

NHL Playoffs – Nothing Quite Like it

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I admit it – I’m a sucker for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. To me there’s nothing quite like it in all of sports. The NBA has tried to replicate the NHL format by going to best of 7 series a few years ago for all their playoff series (from best of 5), but there’s just something about a “next goal wins” in NHL playoff overtime that is like nothing else in sports.

When the Stars won the Cup in ’99 I was in Buffalo witnessing the triple overtime thriller; so stressful I could barely deal with it, yet still to this day my most memorable sports memory. And last night when the St. Louis Blues defeated the defending champion Chicago Blackhawks in triple OT, it was no less thrilling – albeit only game one of series one.

If you’re a die hard … Read More »

Stars Need a Difference Maker

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Great effort, Stars. Way to keep fighting. The intestinal fortitude to keep on plugging, especially when down, 4-0, in the second period of Game One of the Stanley Cup Playoffs at Anaheim on Wednesday night is to be commended and admired.

You guys have shown fight, passion and determination. There is no question that you’re leaving it all on the ice. Jamie Benn is proving he is worthy of wearing the C, leading the way with fantastic two-way play. Tyler Seguin might have the most talent of any player on the ice in this series, and that’s saying something.

It is obvious that the Ducks’ strength and depth on defense dwarfs what the Stars roll out among their D-pairs, though no one is questioning the effort.

Yes, the Stars gave a valiant effort in Game One. They need to bring it again. Yet … Read More »

Stanley Cup Playoff Reverse Barometer Picks

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The Stanley Cup Playoffs start tonight – the best post-season tournament in pro sports. The games are fantastic – from the first round to the Cup Finals. Who will win? And how many overtimes will there be? The Reverse Barometer take a shot.


Boston vs. Detroit

A match-up that used to only happen in the Stanley Cup Finals is made possible again with the Wings going East. The Bruins are the better team and have been to the Finals twice in the last four seasons. Detroit won’t be able to handle Boston’s top three lines over a seven-game series.

The Barometer pick: Bruins in six (one decided in OT)


Pittsburgh vs. Columbus

The Blue Jackets are finally worth a damn and they might have had a chance for the upset here if they were healthy. Even so, they could make the Penguins sweat a … Read More »

NCAA Athletes Can Now Eat

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I’m going to keep beating the same drum until something is significantly changed about the way the NCAA treats its student athletes. A new proposal was presented today, and mind you it’s just that, a proposal. Now get this, it’s earth-shattering news…it allows schools to give their athletes more food and snacks. You heard right, the NCAA is making a major deal out of the fact that they are allowing schools to feed their over-sized athletes more than the average person eats.

Before you give too much credit to the archaic NCAA, this comes on the heels of University of Connecticut guard Shabazz Napier complaining that he sometimes went to bed hungry because he couldn’t afford to buy food.  This is the same Shabazz Napier who led the Huskies to the NCAA basketball title and was named the tournament’s most outstanding … Read More »

ScoreBoard Poll

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Stars or Mavs? Which Lower Seed Has a Chance?

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The Stars and Mavs each punched their ticket to the playoffs over the weekend. The post-season starts for both later this week. Now the real question is – who will last longer?

Both teams are lower seeds in the playoffs. In these days of spots parity, the key may be just getting in the playoffs and see what happens. It was just two years ago that the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup as the No. 8 seed in the West.

The Stars have that same No. 8 seed and face the Anaheim Ducks. Dallas went 2-1-0 vs. the Ducks this season, winning the lone game at American Airlines Center and splitting the pair in Anaheim. Kari Lehtonen did not play vs. the Ducks this season, mainly sue to timing on injuries. The key stat – Anaheim scored at a 30 percent … Read More »